Learn everything about the history of Pont des Arts in Paris

While crossing the River Seine, you will spot the most photogenic bridge in France, Pont des Arts.

The Cultural Ministry, in 1975, designated this bridge as a historical monument. Due to its structural beauty and popularity, you can see it in many shows and films.

It is one of the favorite spots for photographers and artists to gain creativity.

Due to its unique and extraordinary beauty, Ponts Des Arts, Paris, lures thousands of visitors every year from all around the world.

You can enter Pont des Arts Bridge anytime with no entry fees.

Love locks on Pont des Arts Bridge

Love locks and padlocks are some of the most popular customs, followed by couples visiting Paris.

It is a custom to engrave their name on a lock and attach it to the bridge railings, then throw the keys into the river to lock their love permanently.

The belief behind the customs says that by doing so, the love between the couple stays immortal and forever.

Practiced since 2008, by 2014, about 700,000 locks were attached to the bridge, evidence of its popularity among tourists. 

However, officials have started cutting the doors on Pont des Arts for the tourists’ and locals’ safety.

Now people only click selfies with the bridge, which is a great way to avoid damage to its architecture.

Things to do at the Pont des Arts in Paris 

Pont des Arts Bridge is not only about traditional locks but also has a lot of things you could enjoy and admire during your time on the bridge.

Here are a few things you can do while visiting the world-famous bridge.

Have a picnic on the bridge

Summers are a great time to enjoy the views from the Pont des Arts as the sunlight reflecting the river offers a good atmosphere for a romantic picnic.

Get picnic goodies such as snacks, drinks and even champagne from the neighboring shops to enjoy a nice meal with stunning views.

If you want to secure a spot, try reaching a bit early, as it might get crowded later. 

Enjoy the sunrise and sunset

sunrise pont des arts
Image: Givaga / Getty Images

The Eiffel tower lingering in the background and the rays hitting the river Seine sets a romantic tone, making Pont des Arts Bridge favorable for couples.

Hence, watching the sunrise or sunset from the bridge will add to your beautiful time in Paris.

Also, if you want some privacy, try coming early as the bridge sees less crowd during this time.

Admire views from Pont Des Arts Bridge

From Pont Des Arts, you can capture views of the Louvre Palace, the central courtyard of the River Seine and the Institut de France headquarters.

So, be camera ready always.

How to reach Pont des Arts in Paris 

This bridge connects the right and left banks of the River Seine.

It also smooth transitions between Palais du Louvre buildings and the Institut de France.

The best and easiest way to reach the bridge is through the Metro.

You can take a metro from Pont Neuf station (line 7) and follow the signs to the Pont des Arts Bridge.

Also, you can travel by Metro Chatelet in Central Paris, then take a walk to the bridge.

Buses are also a reliable source of transportation to the bridge.

Some bus routes with stops near it are 72, 95 and 75.

You can take a cab, bus or train from the Paris Charles De Gaulle airport to continue your journey.

The trains will take you to the nearest station, Chatelet Les Halles, and you will reach the bridge in 10 minutes.

Note: To admire the panoramic views more closely, you can also book a guided tour to see the Notre Dame Cathedral, Tuileries Garden and Pont des Arts from the water. 

Best time to visit Pont des Arts

best time to visit pont des arts
Image: Nikonaft / Getty Images

You can visit Pont des Arts any time as the bridge is magnificent throughout the year.

But visiting on weekdays like Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays will be great as it sees relatively few visitors during this time.

You can also visit the bridge early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise and privacy.

Check out other attractions like Sainte Chapelle, Palace of Justice, Notre Dame Cathedral and more.


What is unique about Pont des Arts?

The bridge is unique because of all the love locks placed on it by thousand of visitors over time.

Another unique feature of it is that at the entry side of Pont Des Arts is the institute de France, and Palais de Louver is on the other side.

It is a lovely pedestrian bridge that has become famous, especially among couples visiting Paris.

Why do people put locks on Pont des Arts?

Couples would attach locks with their names engraved on them to the side of the Bridge and then throw the key into the river as a symbol of eternal devotion.

The tradition may have come from Hungary or Cologne, but it has now become a necessary ritual for lovers to do it on the Bridge of the River Seine.

Can you still find locks on Pont des Arts today?

You will still find locks attached to the bridge, but slightly in lesser numbers.

To maintain the structural integrity of Pont des Arts, the officials have started cutting down the locks for safety reasons.

The officials reported about 7,00,000 locks attached to the sides of the Bridge in 2014, which soon became a safety concern.

What is the history behind Pont des Arts?

Built-in 1801 and 1804, Pont Des Arts, previously known as Passerelle des Arts, was the first iron bridge in Paris.

Now a pedestrian bridge, it is used by locals and tourists to have a pleasant stroll with friends and family and get stunning views of the River Seine.

What is the Pont des Arts bridge made of?

The Pont des Arts bridge was made of Cast iron.

The first metal bridge in Paris was built in the early 19th century to connect Institut de France and Palais de Louvre.

Its elegant and lightweight structure represented the cutting-edge engineering of its time as it has cast iron.

Can you see spot Eiffel tower from Pont des Arts?

You can spot Eiffel Tower from Pont des Arts in all its glory, along with River Seine seeping between the entire city.

The view from the bridge is breathtaking and is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing evening with a french wine or two with your friends and family.

What other things can I explore in Pont des Arts?

From the Pont des Arts bridge you can visit Musee d’Orsay, Sainte Chapelle and Square du Vert Galant.

You can also visit the Insitutue de France from where the bridge and its exit Palais De Louvre.

The Pont Des Arts is also near the oldest Bridge in Paris, Pont Neuf.

Featured Image: Wikimedia.org

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