Conciergerie Paris Opening Hours & Best Time To Visit

The Conciergerie’s opening hours are from 9.30 am to 6 pm, except for a few public holidays.

The attraction is open year-round except for the two public holidays on 1 May and 25 December (Christmas Day).

Besides these days, it exceptionally closes early, around 5 pm on certain days like 1 January, 24 December, or on weekends, especially Sundays.

The last admission is granted up to 30 minutes before closing time. However, the ticket office closes at 5.15 pm.

To ensure a seamless experience, make sure to book your Conciergerie tickets online in advance and visit at your preferred time slot without any hassle.

It is also worth noting that the attraction may close early on certain days due to special events or maintenance. 

To avoid disappointment, make sure to check the official website or call ahead to confirm the Paris Conciergerie hours on the day you plan to visit.

Conciergerie Opening Hours:

Opening Hours9.30 am to 6 pm 
Last access30 minutes before closing, i.e 5.30 pm
Ticket Office Closing time5.15 pm
Holidays1 May and 25 December

Do you know?

Conciergerie was originally built as a royal palace in the 10th century and served as a residence for French kings.

Later, it was transformed into a prison and also served to detain popular figures like Marie Antoinette and others during the French Revolution. 

Afterward, it also served as a law court.

Know interesting facts, history, and details about the Conciergerie.

How long to spend at Conciergerie?

Conciergerie is a former royal palace, courthouse and prison, and visitors typically spend an hour or two exploring the attraction inside and out.

The time taken to see the attraction may vary for different visitors, depending on their pace, interest, attention to detail, and time spent looking at the details.

It is also possible to visit the Conciergerie as part of a combo tour, including a visit to nearby attractions like the renowned Sainte Chapelle.

Do you know?

Sainte Chapelle and Conciergerie are located next to each other, and you can visit both attractions together as a part of the combo tour, saving time and money!

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Best Time to Visit the Conciergerie

The best time of the year to visit the Conciergerie is from April to June and from October to early November.

During these months, Paris has ideal climatic conditions, with mild temperatures suitable for travel and sightseeing.

Also, there would be very few days with significant rainfall.

However, Paris seeks the highest number of visitors during the summer months, and travel costs might be a tad.

If you want to save on travel costs and accommodations, the best times to explore the city are the months of December, January, or February.

Additionally, the best time of the day to visit Conciegerie is early in the morning, just after it opens its doors to visitors at 9.30 am.

FAQs about Conciegerie Opening Hours

1. What are Conciergerie Paris opening hours?

The Conciergerie’s opening hours are from 9.30 am to 6 pm, except for 1 May and 25 December.

It may close early on certain days, such as at 5 pm on 1 January, 24 December, or weekends.

2. How much time do you need at Conciergerie?

Visitors typically spend 1-2 hours exploring the Conciergerie in Paris. However, the time spent can vary based on individual pace, interest, and attention to detail.

3. What is the best time to visit Conciergerie?

The best time to visit the Conciergerie is from April to June and October to early November.

These months offer mild temperatures and fewer rainy days. Additionally, early morning, just after the opening at 9.30 am, is the best time of day to explore.

4. Can I visit Sainte-Chapelle and Conciergerie together?

Yes, Sainte Chapelle and Conciergerie are located next to each other, and you can visit them together.

Consider booking a combo tour to visit both attractions, saving time and money.

5. How long to spend at Sainte-Chapelle and Conciergerie?

You can plan to spend 1-2 hours exploring each attraction.

The time can vary based on your pace and interest. Combining them in a combo tour offers a comprehensive experience.

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