Sainte Chapelle Concerts in Paris: A must-see for music lovers

Sainte Chapelle is one of the prime examples of French Gothic architecture and culture.

It is a beautiful monument with stained glass and rose windows that attracts about a million tourists annually.

But if you ask yourself, what will be the best way to experience Sainte Chapelle? The answer is to attend the musical Sainte Chapelle concerts held in the evenings.

By day, you can explore the history and interiors of the church, and by evening, you can enjoy the gleaming concerts of classical music.

These concerts at Sainte Chapelle are a great way to experience music by great musicians in an antique 12th-century building.

The interiors of Sainte Chapelle make it a perfect location for a beautiful, intimate venue for classical concerts.

Sainte-Chapelle events are held most evenings during the summers and weekends around the year.

These concerts often include Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Bach, Mozart and Handel, as well as music from many other famous composers.

Best time to attend the concerts at Sainte Chapelle

This musical concert in the historic venue of Paris is quite popular among tourists, so tickets sell out fast.

However, the Sainte Chapelle concerts have limited seating for about 200 people, so expect the chapel to be packed.

If you are visiting during the summer, try booking the concert in the early evenings.

The concerts can be busy from May to September and during big festivities like Christmas and the New Year.

However, if you want less crowds and want to enjoy the concert peacefully, you can visit Sainte-Chapelle Paris from February to April.

Also, the Chappelle is usually quiet after the concerts, so you can scroll inside the monument to admire the interiors.

Tips for concerts at Sainte Chapelle

Audiences can enjoy the concerts for almost an hour without any intermission.

Both locals and travelers can enjoy the Sainte Chapelle concerts.

It includes musicians and composers worldwide, a treat for all music lovers.

The Sainte Chapelle concerts have no specific dress code, but we still suggest wearing something formal.

Also, avoid wearing shorts, caps or Crocs while attending concerts.

Things to know before your Sainte Chapelle Concerts visit

Sainte Chapelle Concerts
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As Sainte Chapelle is next to the Palais de Justice, it has tight security checks at the entry area.

Due to security reasons, the permitted bag size is 7.9 x 7.9 x 15.7 inches.

Sainte Chapelle is not wheelchair accessible, and no handrails are available in the circular staircase if you have balance issues.

So, be careful while climbing from the ground floor to the second floor to visit the famous stained glass.

Security checks at Sainte Chapelle

We suggest reaching out 40 minutes before the Sainte Chapelle concert to get your tickets.

Due to tight security checks, visitors may have to wait at the entrance, so getting there on time is recommended.

Sharp metal objects like knives or scissors, motorcycle helmets and glass bottles are prohibited at the security check.

Also, there is no guarantee that any items taken by security guards will be returned to their owners.

It is essential to note that the doors close five minutes before the concerts, and last-minute entries might not be guaranteed.

Upcoming Concerts at Sainte Chapelle

If you are planning your trip to Paris, below are the upcoming Christmas and New Year Concerts 2023 at Sainte Chapelle that you must attend.

December 21st, 20236 pmVivaldi: The Four Seasons; Strauss: Waltzes and Polkas
December 22nd, 20236 pmChristmas Concert with the Orchestre Paris Classik, the Maitrise des Hauts-de-France and Opéra de Paris’ children’s choir
December 23rd, 20236 pmChristmas Concert with the Orchestre Paris Classik, the Maitrise des Hauts-de-France and Opéra de Paris’ children’s choir
December 24th, 20236 pmChristmas Concert with the Orchestre Classik Ensemble, the Quatuor Chœur Paris Cité, David Braccini (violin)
December 24th, 20237.30 pmChristmas Concert with the Orchestre Classik Ensemble, David Braccini (violin) and Fabienne Conrad (soprano)
December 26th, 20236 pmChristmas Concert with the Classik Ensemble Orchestra, the Quatuor Chœur Paris Citén David Braccini (violin)
December 27th, 20236 pmVivaldi: The Four Seasons, Strauss: Waltzes and Polkas
December 28th, 20236 pmOpera arias by Handel, Mozart, Verdi, Dvorak, Schubert / Caccini: Ave Maria, Strauss: Waltzes and Polka, Bartok: Romanian Dances, Pieces by Pugnani and Massenet
December 29th, 20236 pmVivaldi: The Four Seasons, Strauss: Waltzes and Polka
December 30th, 20236 pmNew Year’s Concert at Sainte Chapelle With the Orchestre Les Solistes Français and Paul Rouger (violin)
December 31st, 20236 pmNew Year’s Concert at La Sainte-Chapelle With the Orchestre Les Solistes Français and Paul Rouger (violin)
December 31st, 20237.30 pmSainte-Chapelle New Year Concert With Les Solistes Français Orchestra, Paul Rouger (violin) and Sabine Revault d’Allonnes (soprano)

Note: All concerts are held at the Sainte-Chapelle, 8 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris, France.


Below are some answers about Sainte Chapelle concerts that you may want to know:

How long are the concerts at Sainte-Chapelle?

Sainte Chapelle concerts usually last for an hour.

You can spend an evening admiring the towering ceilings and stained-glass panels of the Sainte-Chapelle while listening to the melodious violins and cellos from some of Paris’ finest classical composers.

After this lovely concert in a gorgeous setting, you can have a delicious dinner at “les fous de l’Ile” nearby.

Is it okay to be late for the Sainte Chapelle concert?

No, only on-time entries for Sainte Chapelle concerts are guaranteed.

The gate to the chapel closes five minutes before the start of the concert.
So, arriving early for the concerts is recommended, as you may also need to go through the entrance security checks.

How early do I have to arrive for the Sainte Chapelle concert?

You should arrive at least 40 minutes before the showtime mentioned on your ticket.

As Sainte Chapelle is on the premises of the Palace de Justice, visitors may need to pass through a strict security check.

It is important to note that there is a prohibition on sharp objects, motorcycle helmets and glass bottles inside the chapel.

The Chapelle does not guarantee the return of any confiscated items.

Can I explore the chapels after the concert?

You can take some time off to explore the chapel after the concert.

This is also the right time to explore Sainte Chapelle at your own pace without any crowds.

You can observe the stained glasses and relics more intimately and enjoy the feel of the majestic and immersive 13th-century chapel.

How many songs can I enjoy at the concert?

The songs played during Sainte Chapelle concerts are primarily classical and are performed by expert musicians.

The concert includes music mostly from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Bach, Mozart and Handel. 

You will also get the chance to listen to original songs from expert musicians, which can be an exhilarating experience for classical music enthusiasts 

Is there a dress code for the Sainte Chapelle concert?

No, there is no dress code for Sainte Chapelle. However, guests must wear formal or casual attire.

Visitors should avoid wearing shorts, crocs and caps.

Another essential thing to note is that Sainte Chapelle is not heated during the winter, so you must wear warm clothes when visiting the chapel.

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