The ultimate guide for visiting Palais de Justice

The impressive monument of Palais de Justice will surely amaze you with its gigantic size and unique structure.

It is one of the oldest surviving monuments in the country and has suffered numerous fires.

Along with Sainte Chapelle and the Conciergerie, this historic monument was a part of the ancient Palais de la Cite, a residence for the French monarchs.

However, the Palais de Justice has a long connection to the famous French Revolution that shook the country.

According to its history, the courts in the palace saw 1,220 deaths within thirteen months of the French revolution.

Then the condemned prisoners were sent to its neighbor La Conciergerie for their death sentences.

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Interiors of Palais de Justice

The palace’s interiors will leave you in awe and wonder with its uniqueness.

The main entrance to the building is a wrought-out iron gate known as the Cour du Mai and is only an exit point for visitors.

As with any other historical monument in the area, security checks and entry access are at the left side of the building.

You may notice the building’s 328 ft tall open foyer, which is quite startling and unique.

The monument has two floors, a basement, almost 7,000 doors and over 3,150 windows.

How to reach Palais de Justice

The Palace of Justice is in Île De la Cité, right at the center of Paris.

Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in the city, will directly take you to Île de la Cité from the city center of Paris.

The nearest metro station is at Île de la Cité, where the metro line will directly take you to the island.

From there, the Palace of Justice is just a few minutes away.

You can also reach there by bus and routes 21, 27, 38, 85 and 96 will take you to the attraction.

Moreover, you can use your transport or rental service as parking in Palais de Justice is relatively easy.

Best time to visit Palais de Justice

Best time to visit Palais de Justice
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The palace is open to visitors most days, typically from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, but it is closed on weekends and certain holidays.

If you plan to visit, you can come around the spring and fall seasons when the climate is quite pleasant.

Winter is also a delightful time to visit Paris, but you may need to pack in layers to enjoy the snow. 

The best time to visit the Palais de Justice would be during the daytime, on a weekday, when the palace is open to the public, and when the weather is pleasant.

Tips to visit Palais de Justice 

The Palace of Justice is open and hosts Paris court appeals and the court of cassation, one of France’s highest appeal courts.

It is free for the public to enter, and you can attend some trials and court sessions in the building.

The building is still an active working judicial building, so its access is limited.

No photographs are not allowed inside the courtrooms, and visitors must maintain precise decorum inside the palace.

Visitors are recommended not to make sudden noises and be respectful to the institution while exploring the building.


Why was Palais de Justice important?

The Palace of Justice was important as it served as the primary residence for many French Monarchs.

This was until King Charles moved his royal court to Louvre in the 14th century.

It is one of the country’s oldest surviving buildings and has been home to French justice institutions since the Middle ages.

What was the Palais de Justice during the French Revolution?

It began in 1793 when the civil chamber of Palais de Justice became the house of the Revolutionary Tribunal.

The Justice Institution then became a fearsome court in the french revolution, where the rule of terror began systematically.

Also a part of Palais de Justice, the Conciergerie became a famous prison during the revolution.

What is the easiest way to reach Palais De Justice?

The metro line routes are the fastest way to reach this historical monument.

The nearest metro station is Île de la Cité, where the metro line will directly take you to the Island, and after getting down, you can reach the building in just a few minutes.

When should I visit Palais De Justice?

Summer and spring are among the best times to visit the Palace of Justice, as the climate is quite pleasant for sightseeing.

Also, as it is a working judicial courthouse, you may see only a few tourists in the monument during your visit.

So, you can explore the building anytime without worrying about the crowds.

Do I have to go through security checks before entering Palais De Justice?

As a grand building and a working courthouse Palais De Justice, you must go through a strict security check before entering the building.

However, entry to the Judicial building is free, so you can visit it without any worries and wander around to observe its fantastic architecture.

Visitors must arrive early as the security checks may take some extra time.

What is the history of the Palais de Justice?

Along with Sainte Chapelle and the Conciergerie, Palais de Justice was a part of the ancient Palais de la Cité, an official residence for French Kings.

It was a royal residence till the 14th century; it is one of the oldest buildings in Paris, even after surviving some of the deadliest fire attacks.

However, the building underwent restoration in the 1800s.

Can I take a picture inside Palais De Justice?

No photographs or videography is not permitted inside the Palais de Justice as it is still a working Judicial courthouse.

Visitors are also asked not to make sudden movements to maintain silence and respect the building.

They must follow precise decorum while exploring the inside of the building.

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