Everything about the Paris Olympics 2024

The much-awaited Summer Olympics will be held in France in 2024.

The entire country, its people, and its tourists are excited about this event. 

As you may already know, the world-renowned game will occur in Paris and its surrounding cities and towns throughout France. 

Giving an exciting opportunity for competitors, tourists, and spectators to see some of the best landscapes, surroundings, and culture around Paris. 

If you are planning to visit Paris for this game, why not take a tour around Paris?  

If you want to know more about this exciting global event, here’s our guide to the Paris 2024 Olympics

Know the city, event locations, and which sites you can explore during your free time.

Games all around Paris

The Paris Olympics 2024 motto is ‘Game wide open,’ a clear hint that the event is open to everyone, whether it is its competitors or visitors. 

This is an excellent opportunity for tourists planning to visit the stunning city for ages.

But if you are a hardcore Olympic fan, this Summer Olympics event might hold a special place in your heart. 

For the first time in the history of the Summer Olympics, all the medalists will be invited together to commune with thousands of fans.  

This will be possible in Paris’s French capital, particularly in Champion Park, Trocadéro.

Another highlight will be the Festival Off des Jeux, which will echo the Paralympic and Olympic celebrations throughout Paris. 

A hit among families due to its festive spirit, this free event will offer sporting and cultural events along with catering and screenings of the Paris Olympic 2024 competitions.

Paris Olympics 2024 dates

Here are some critical dates for the Paris 2024 Olympics:

  • The Olympic torch relay will take place on 8 May
  • 14 July- the opening of the Paris 2024 Club at Paris City Hall
  • 25 July – opening of Paris Club 2024 at Parc Georges Valbon in La Courneuve to welcome the flame
  • 26 July- Paris 2024 Olympic Games opening ceremony to be experienced in Paris Club all over France
  • 27 July- Opening of Club France at La Villette
  • 29 July- Beginning of Champion Park at Trocadéro
  • 28 August- Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games of Paris 2024 to be played in all Paris 2024 clubs all over France and reopening for Club France for the Paralympics
  • 8 September- Closing ceremony of Paralympics

You can explore this city of romance with a sports twist if you come during these dates. Book your tickets to Paris and explore the top attractions now!

Paris Olympics at Ile de la Cite

When discussing all the events in the French capital, how can we forget the Heart of Paris?

Ile De la Cite will connect the Paralympics and the summer French Olympics in 2024. 

The Seine and its canals will connect the celebrations via the Canal Sainte Denis, which was specially renovated for the games. 

Heard about the Sainte Chapelle? If not, try visiting this famous basilica in Paris, as it is on Ile de la Cite.

But the primary connector between the two Olympic games will start at Club France at La Villette, then go to the Stade de France and the Aquatics Centre. 

Seine Sainte Denis, a northern department in the North of Paris, will host many activities for the Paris 2024 Olympics visitors.

Several spaces will be set up at Georges-Valbon Park to watch games and discover views from an 80 m high skyliner. 

Moreover, if you are already on board for the Olympics, why not explore the iconic attractions of Paris as well?

With the Eiffel Tower and Seine River Cruise, add Sainte Chapelle to your list and fall in love with the beauty of stained glass windows.

Paris Olympics venues

Some of the essential venues you must visit during the Olympics are:

Seine River

The Seine River is one of the most beautiful avenues in Paris and one of the most popular tourist spots.

A stroll along the banks of the Seine is an absolute wonder as you see majestic historical buildings, Parisian rooftops, and the Seine Bridge looming over the river. 

During the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, the River Seine will be one of the essential venues that everybody can enjoy. 

The waters of the Seine will host Marathon Swimming and the 1500 m swim race, a part of the Triathlon.

Places to visit nearby:

Hotel de Ville 

The Hotel de Ville is an imposing building of the Renaissance style that has been the residence of the Paris city hall since 1357.  

Today, it is a hotspot for several cultural and art exhibitions that delight visitors. 

During the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, Hotel de Ville will be the backdrop for athletes getting ready for the Marathon.

Places to visit nearby:

  • Notre Dame of Paris (from outside)
  • Conciergerie
  • Sainte-Chapelle
  • Ile Saint-Louis
  • Ile de la Cité

Grand Palais 

One of the famous buildings in Paris right next to Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Grand Palais, was built in 1990 as a Museum complex. 

It hosts about 40 exhibitions annually, along with some of its staple museums like the Palais de la Découverte science museum and artworks in the Galeries Nationales. 

During the Paris 2024 Olympics, the Grand Palais is chosen as the location for Taekwondo and fencing games.

Places to visit nearby:

  • Pont Alexandre III
  • Seine River
  • Champs Elysées
  • Petit Palais

Other important venue sites for Paris 2024 Olympics are:

  • Pont Alexandre III 
  • Place de la Concorde 
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Champ-de-Mars Arena 
  • Hotel des Invalides 
  • Stade Roland Garros 
  • Parc des Princes 

There is so much to visit in Paris that one can always enjoy it, whether iconic landmarks or culturally rich museums and chapels. 

And the Olympics are the best time to visit the country and its capital, as you get to see the globally renowned game and the world-famous city out of it.

Get your tickets to Paris and hop on a city tour now!

Featured Image: Wikimedia.org

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